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April 14, 2009

The Post & Courier

Books Find Fun in Beaches…

By Fran Hawk

Spring! Beaches...are calling, partly because they are what they are, and partly because they are very low-cost entertainment.

"Mr. Gator Hits the Beach" by Julie McLaughlin will delight all the young fans of "Hungry Mr. Gator" and "Mr. Gator's Up the Creek." In this story, a loggerhead sea turtle invites Mr. Gator to visit her home in the ocean. Oops! Lowcountry children know that the ocean is no place for an alligator.

They'll laugh at Mr. Gator's misadventures and cheer when he returns to his creek. As always, the colorful, whimsical illustrations by Ann Marie McKay are exactly right. The book includes information about sea turtles, amazing facts about alligators, a glossary and a map of the South Carolina coastline.

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